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Industrial Fire Protection

Mines, cables, timber structures 



Fire-protect your home before it is too late

Fire protection is mostly done with thatch, wood /timber, and electric cables  in areas such as mines. 

There are 3 main products being used -

  • Thatch Marshal 8000
  • Mine Marshal 8000
  • Textile Marshal 8000

Many of us - parents, business leaders and political heads do not think about Fire Protection, until we are face with the threat to life, property or investments.  

Properly applied Fire Retardents can slow the spread of Fire or even extinguish small flames before they become dangerous. We are at the beginning of winter and it is an open secret that shacks,thatch roofs and open veld fires will be making headlines, with loss of lives and destruction of property at great cost!1 main


Be pro-active! Be safe, protect your love ones and your property.


Tinta with his little brother and a big smile        


At Lonehill Faire advertising our fire-protection products.

A lot of preparation went into this event - had a few late nights planning and working on what we would do. 


Hi Stephen - all looks great and the feedback from Johan was also very positive. 

I would like to compliment Bheki on a very professional job well done! 

Many thanks


Do I need fire protection?

  • Have you protected yourself against fire?
  • Do you have a thatch or wooden structure in or around your house?
  • Do you have a lapa area?
  • Do you have tall trees surrounding your home or property?
  • Do you have open fire pits or fire places around your home?
  • Is your lapa area made from a thatch roof?
  • Live near a veld where there are regular winter fires?
  • Do you work in an area where there ar multiple timbers, open cables?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you are at risk for fires and need to take prevention and protection methods.







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