Tips to prevent a fire

Create a firebreak

In a suburban area, normal firebreaks might not be allowed. In open areas, clear the trees, overhanging bushes. Clear an area of around 1 m of dry grass in a border around the property.

In a controlled fashion, no wind area, burn a small area of grass between the veld and the building area. No trees should be around, and generally you will need permission from the Fire department to do this.

Proactive measures

Winter is a high risk season for fire in Johannesburg, due to the dry air, and increase in indoor fires in fireplaces. Thanks to the increase in electrical costs, more people are using fireplaces, chimneys and fires, with hospital burn units filling due to untreated roofs and increase in fires to keeo warm.

Grass fires in more open areas with a slight wind can set a thatch roof on fire if not protected or preventive steps are taken.

Dont throw cigarette buts on the ground, this has caused many unnecessary fires in the past

  • Keep fire extinguishers serviced and working
  • Dont do open rubbish burning
  • Dont leave open fires inattended
  • Never use petrol on a fire 
  • Add a sprinkler system to the building
  • Have extinguisher and hoses close by
  • Train staff, family members in fire safety
  • Know how to use a fire extinguisher properly using the PASS system (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep)



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